I've been charged when I wasn't supposed to

If you've noticed unexpected charges on your EnviroMC account, it's essential to investigate the issue and resolve it promptly. Do not open a credit card dispute, this will cause any refunds to take longer and will lock your account.

Possible Causes of Unexpected Charges:

  1. Automatic renewal of services: EnviroMC services typically renew automatically at the end of the billing cycle. If you didn't cancel a service before the renewal date, you may be charged for the next billing period.

  2. Additional services or upgrades: You may have purchased additional services, add-ons, or upgraded your server plan, leading to extra charges on your account.

  3. Overdue or unpaid invoices: If you have overdue or unpaid invoices, EnviroMC may collect multiple overdue invoices at once. These can aggregate into one payment, eg, a $4 and a $6 invoice from EnviroMC may show up as a $10 charge on your card.

  4. Billing errors or discrepancies: In rare cases, unexpected charges may result from billing errors or discrepancies in the EnviroMC billing system.

Steps to Investigate and Resolve Unexpected Charges:

Step 1: Review your invoices and billing history Log in to your EnviroMC account and navigate to the billing dashboard. Review your invoices and billing history to identify the source of the unexpected charges. Check for any recent service renewals, upgrades, or additional purchases.

Step 2: Verify service cancellation If you believe that you've canceled a service and should not have been charged for its renewal, check your email inbox for any cancellation confirmation emails. These emails serve as proof that you've successfully requested service cancellation.

Step 3: Gather relevant information Compile any relevant information or documentation related to the unexpected charges, including invoice numbers, service IDs, cancellation confirmations, or other pertinent details.

Step 4: Contact EnviroMC Support If you're unable to identify the cause of the unexpected charges or believe that there is an error in your billing, reach out to EnviroMC Support for assistance. You can contact them through the web portal or Discord server. Provide the support team with the information you gathered in Step 3 and explain your concerns regarding the charges.

Step 5: Work with EnviroMC Support to resolve the issue The EnviroMC Support team will investigate your concerns and work with you to resolve any billing errors or discrepancies. If a refund is warranted, they will provide you with information on the refund process and any applicable timelines.